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UNDISCOVERED Species are Lurking in Warm Oasis Beneath Antarctica’s Ice

In frost caves in the Antarctica, scientists might have found ecological systems of swine and floras that have not been discovered and which are being supported by active volcanoes warmth. On Ross Island, the temperature is around -1 7 Centigrade, and there are six months when it does not get above -2 0 Centigrade. Nonetheless, there is a cave organisation underneath the glacier, and this reaches a temperature of 25 Centigrade. RESEARCHER SAYS YOU COULD WALK IN CAVE SYSTEM IN JUST A T-SHIRT The lead researcher Ceridwen Fraser said that you could register the cave system wearing exactly a t-shirt and you would remain comfortable.

He went on to say that there was light close to the mouth of the cave and the light-footed filtered deep into the cave, and here the overlying frost is thin. Set under and around the active volcano Erebus the cave arrangement was hollowed out after many years of steam traveling along the transitions. The Australian National University passed the study of the caves, and it evolved into its examination of the clay in the caves.

Fraser said that they had determined detects of DNA from the mosses and algae and small animals that might be living in the underground caves. Fraser went on to say that most of the DNA is very similar to species that are living up on the surface. Nonetheless, he did say that not all of the sequences they studied had been linked with any particular bush group or animal. This means that Fraser might be about to discover life forms that have remained undiscovered up till now. STUDY GIVES GLIMPSES OF UNKNOWN ANIMALS LIVING UNDER ANTARCTIC ICE He be mentioned that the study provides them with an rousing peek into the types of swine and flowers that could have been living under the ice in Antarctica. He went on to say that some of the DNA evidence obtained does be stated that perhaps there are things that are living in the caves that beings have no theme about, perhaps even a brand-new species.

MORE UNEXPLORED WARM SUB-GLACIAL CAVES MIGHT BE FOUND Charles Lee from the University of Waikato is co-researcher, and he said that due to the fact that there are many active volcanoes in Antarctica similar sub-glacial cave plans might exist that have yet to be explored throughout the continent. Research suggests that there are 15 more volcanoes in Antarctica that are active or which indicate there might have been signals of them being recently active. He said that at the moment investigates do not know how many cave organizations there are in existence in Antarctica or how they are interconnected the sub-glacial surroundings might be. Laurie Connell from the University of Maine and co-author said that she was also excited but that the DNA evidence ascertained does not prove anything, certainly not the fact that animals and bushes are still living there. Now they intend to go into the caves and explore them, and they hope to find living proof.

She said that if they do find living proof, it will open up a doorway to a new world that is exciting . .

How To Make Water

So you need to make some water????

You are going to need;

A non-poisonous tree with lots of green leaves

A plastic bag


Clips or Cable Ties

Firstly make sure the tree has plenty of green foliage and looks generally healthy particularly the leaves.

Secondly make sure the tree is not poisonous (You can check by breaking off a branch if no white milky substance appears the tree is probably OK. You can also check another way by placing the a leaf under your armpit….if get a generally itchy sensation the tree is obviously poisonous)

Thirdly assuming the tree is not poisonous take the plastic bag and place it over as many leaves as you can and then wrap the open end of the plastic bag over the branch and secure it closed with a zip or cable tie, clip, string or whatever else comes to hand.

how to make water

After a few hours in the sun the evaporation process will make water which will collect in the bottom of the bag.

Enjoy the Drink!!!!!

10 Travel Hacks

Ten Travel Hacks

Today I wanted to share with you ten travel hacks that just make my life so much easier when packing.  

Hack 1 is to roll your clothes instead of fold them because you save a lot more space and it’s a lot easier to roll your clothes than to fold them.

Hack 2. When packing underwear and socks use a net bag (the ones you would use at home for washing delicates) They are very light and you can push the bags inside shoes or hats to maximise space. The bags keep everything together and when arriving at a hotel the bags can be placed into a drawer or closet.  

Hack 3 I always have a pre packed toiletry bag,  it doesn’t matter where you store it but if it’s always pre-packed especially if you travel a lot like I do it’ll save you so much time. I prefer a hanging bag as sometimes there is not a lot of space in bathrooms. I just have mini bottles for the product I use most together with a mini toothbrush and toothpaste.

Hack 3 Wear your bulky boots and clothes/coats on the plane and save weight and space in your carry on bag.

Hack 4 I use small plastic pill bottles for jewellery so that the chains and the like don’t get all tangled up.

Hack 5 Buy a cord organizer to keep charging cords and ear phones tidy and to stop them from tangling.

Hack 6 Place heavier items at the bottom of your bag nearest the wheels. This will prevent the roll on bag from toppling over

Hack 7 If you on medication buy a pill organizer and place your daily meds in the container. Always pack an extra week to allow for delays and scan and email a copy of any prescriptions to yourself for emergency replenishments.

Hack 8 Scan and then email a copy of all your travel documents, passport, credit cards and drivers licence to yourself. If these get mislaid then at least you have the relevant information accessible to gain copies.

Hack 9 Download the Tripit App to your phone this free app automatically gathers all your itinerary information, including flights and hotel details.

Hack 10 Pack an emergency phone charger, these are life savers when your away from the grid and your have one bar left on your phone’s battery